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Penny Townsend

Breaking Through The Noise: A Seamless Customer Experience is Key to Success

Processing payments is complicated. It’s even more so with outdated and disconnected software vendors and processes, keeping payment data fragmented and prolonging the challenge to incorporate, offer,...

13 h
Embedded Finance
Terry Monteith

Making the fintech industry more inclusive

The representation of women within the fintech industry has always been inequitable. And although some positive strides have been taken in recent years to bridge the gender gap, there is still a way t...

16 h
Women in FinTech
Nick Shah

With the emergence of dynamic and on-demand reporting, are the standard Finance reports dead?

A favourite movie line of mine is, “I want that report on my desk tomorrow morning!” I always felt it was a phrase stolen from the Finance office at the end of the 20th century! In a typical Finance f...

18 h
Financial Transformation
Paul Fermor

To exploit hyperautomation, banks must lay the right foundations

With a predicted global addressable market of nearly $600 billion in 2022, hyperautomation (HA) is a key focus for many industry transformation initiatives. In this article, I’ll lay out in layman’s...

18 h
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Jamel Derdour

Tackling the Gender Imbalance in the Payments Industry

Written by Sophie Flynn, CFO of Transact365. When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, the financial services sector is regularly in the spotlight. Traditionally male-dominated, progress has ...

18 h
Women in FinTech
Dmitry Dolgorukov

How To Reduce Abandonment Rates For Fintech Apps

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, fintech transactions rose by 13% and their volume by 11%, indicating significant industry growth. However, two years in, we are facing another new reality as the fin...

19 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Tamar Gershon


Chargebacks can be a challenging and potentially harmful process to businesses, as although originally introduced as a consumer protection tool with good intentions, the ease of the chargeback process...

20 h
René Hendrikse

Here’s why (and how) the world should remove the need for passwords

Are you a good password user? If you have different passwords for every account, each a unique configuration of letters, numbers, capitals, and symbols, perhaps you are. No one can access your account...

20 h
Information Security
Gwen Adele

Best way to launch DeFi Exchange like Uniswap on Ethereum Blockchain - Uniswap Clone Script

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance which is the most prominent term in the blockchain sector right now. Recently, many crypto startups and business class people started to use the DeFi concept as i...

21 h
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Caris Jackson

The Lessons We Need To Be Teaching Our Children: Finances

School is a vital part of a child’s secondary socialisation, children are able to learn societal values, beliefs and attitudes outside of the family structure. They are taught about expectations of th...

21 h
Financial Literacy for Kids
Caris Jackson

During this War on Fraud, Armour Up and Bring Your Shield

As a society we cannot seem to catch a break. We have had the relief of coming out of a global pandemic and various lockdowns. But now we have a cost-of-living crisis, a recession looming, and are fac...

21 h
Frank Cummings

Headline: Mass-shooting horrors demand better response—Metadata a way forward?

July 4 revelers in Highland Park, IL, experienced another mass-casualty shooting in America. Stunningly, at this point it’s no longer surprising to see these news alerts. Something has to change. I w...

05 Jul 2022

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