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The risks from Cyber cime - Hacking - Loss of Data Privacy - Identity Theft and other topical threats - can be greatly reduced by implementation of robust IT Security controls ...

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Amit Agarwal

What are Cloud Based Applications’ Tech Challenges?

Cloud-based services are expected to be the dominant technology in the digital age. According to Cisco Cloud, the cloud will house more than 94% of the workload and computing operations by 2021. Cloud...

25 Jan 2022
Tristan Hinsley

Cyber Attacks and Credit Unions

Just as we wrote about the Top 5 Cyber Attacks in the Aviation Industry, credit unions have faced similar issues as the target of dedicated cyber criminals. In a recent blog post, we talked about th...

29 Dec 2021
Robert Prigge

Why financial institutions must address digital identity in 2022

According to UK Finance, there was an 84% surge in “impersonation scams” at the start of the pandemic as fraudsters looked for ways to capitalise on COVID-19. With our financial lives now heavily onl...

21 Dec 2021
Mark McCluskie

Mitigating fraud in financial services

Fraudulent activity surging The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has reported that 5 million fraud offences were committed in the year ending June 2021: A 32% increase compared to 2019. Despite th...

15 Dec 2021
Reuven Aronashvili

Retail Cyber Attacks Are Rising: How to Protect Your Brand and Your Customers this Holiday Season

Just a few weeks before Halloween, Chicago-based candy-maker Ferrara, famous for Nerds, LaffyTaffy and other treats, experienced a ransomware attack that shut down several of its facilities, making i...

27 Oct 2021
Jimmy Fong

Why Buy Now Pay Later companies need to start taking fraud seriously

2020 may have been the Year of DeFi, but 2021 might go down as the year of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). BNPL services are growing at a rate of 39%, with major players like PayPal, Amazon and Square all a...

18 Oct 2021
Matt Sanders

How Financial Institutions Can Prepare for Advanced Cyberthreats in 2022 and Beyond

Banks and other businesses in the financial services industry are prime targets for cyberattacks with the plethora of sensitive information contained in customers’ files, especially as more of the wor...

14 Oct 2021
Adam Pogorzelski

Security Standards in FinTech App Development

The UK is a very demanding market for everybody. Including FinTech, which must operate similarly to regular banking institutions. Both legal and technological requirements are there to protect custom

30 Sep 2021
Eyal Worthalter

Building security from the ground up to counter data breaches

This year has been hit hard by cyber-attacks, with many major companies experiencing compromission by hackers, such as Microsoft’s Exchange Server, and Australia’s Nine Network, which was taken off ...

26 Aug 2021
Chris Pogue

“How can financial institutions protect against ransomware attacks?”

Ransomware on the rise: What are the risks? As financial technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous, so too do the risks of cybercrime. Financial institutions are prime targets for ...

06 Aug 2021

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