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Yulia Gavrilova

The Impact of Fintech Revolution on Banking

Banks play a crucial role in the financial system, so it’s necessary to timely assess the risks and opportunities that Fintech solutions actually represent for them. The Fintech revolution is often s...

29 Jun 2022
Ivan Aleksandrov

Features of Obtaining a Payment (PI) or E-money Institution (EMI) Licence in the Netherlands

The Dutch regulator (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB) is one of the most active in the EEA in terms of the number of Payment Institution (PI) and E-money Institution (EMI) licences that is issues. In 2021,...

22 Jun 2022
Kartik Swaminathan

Fintech and Regulatory Unbundling

Fintech is a highly regulated sector, and thereby many (or most) of the Innovation and new business models / propositions, depends on policies and norms from regulators. Historically financial regulat...

22 Jun 2022
Carla Venter

FinTech on Sale: The Upcoming Shopping Spree

In 2009, former Fed chair, Paul Volcker, said that the ATM has been the only useful innovation in banking over the previous 20 years. How much innovation have banks done since? Does the current marke...

22 Jun 2022
Fahmid Kabir

Romance Fraud: Love, Lies, and Billions Lost

Fraud: The New Language of Love Falling in love, for most people, can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. But love also asks a lot of us, requiring the needs of others to be put before o

14 Jun 2022
Pavlo Farb

Application security in cryptocurrency ecosystem

You can often hear from me and my colleagues security engineers about the defense in depth approach to protecting the user data. Does this mean putting as many tools and security controls in your code...

07 Jun 2022
Tomas Campos

Extra Credit: How Fintechs Can Help Solve the Urgent Student Debt Problem

While the 43 million student loan borrowers who collectively owe $1.6 trillion in school debt have received one more extension—this one until Aug. 31—reengaging this audience after a two-year payment ...

06 Jun 2022
Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi

Why do institutions need to incorporate DeFi into their financial products?

Despite the collapse of the cryptocurrency market at the end of May 2022, DeFi services continue to be in demand among users in the long run. Financial institutions and banks need to prepare for the g...

02 Jun 2022
Paul Marcantonio

Why are crypto payments becoming so popular in the private aviation industry?

Despite cryptocurrencies surging in popularity in recent years, even the most vocal Bitcoin advocate would have to concede that few people regularly use their digital coins to purchase goods and servi...

31 May 2022
Donica Venter

Challenging the Challengers: How can Incumbent Financial Institutions Defend Against Disruptors?

Historically, large banking institutions have always been somewhat on the back foot when it comes to innovation, holding off on innovation to see what is successful within smaller institutions or comp...

30 May 2022

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