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Discuss upcoming trends in digital proofing, authentication, fraud and digital identity management.

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Martin Wilson

Government should turn to fintech for badly needed digital identity system

The UK government recently announced that Deloitte had won a new £9m contract, having previously won a £4.8m deal, for work on One Login, which largely slipped under the radar. One Login, aims to prov...

19 Apr 2022
Anthony Pickup

Implications of CV19 pandemic on citizen eID services in the future

Over the last 24 months the world has seen a dramatic shift in many behaviours of citizens, governments and organisations that we interact with. The needs of citizens to share and provide ID informati...

09 Feb 2022
Barley Laing

How address verification can solve a number of challenges for those in financial services in 2022

Address verification is often viewed simply as a practice that improves the accuracy of direct mail. However, it offers much more than that to the financial services industry that’s facing a number of...

14 Dec 2021
Kartik Swaminathan

Centralised and Digitised KYC Platform

A Centralised & Digitised Know your Customer ecosystem is quite beneficial in the new age digital economy. It helps quickly onboard customers and avoids duplicates w.r.t submission of documents. T...

05 Oct 2021
Guillaume Forget

All Trains Cancelled: How an e-Sig Failure Derailed a €3bn Transport Deal

On 21st September, the Swiss-based train manufacturer, Stadler, announced that it lost a €3bn contract with the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB due to a legally impermissible electronic signature on th...

04 Oct 2021
Nick Mothershaw

Full digital ID adoption is just around the corner: why are tens of thousands still unprepared?

There’s no doubt that a full digital ID reality is imminent. But tens of thousands of organisations across the globe have done little to prepare for it. They still have unanswered questions. Despite t...

13 Sep 2021
Stu Bradley

Fuel on the Fire: How COVID-19 sparked a global payments fraud pandemic – and how to fight back

As the rapidly spreading coronavirus spurred lockdowns and ongoing social distancing measures around the world, consumers flocked to digital channels to replace or supplement face-to-face interactions...

30 Aug 2021
Barley Laing

Five steps to build trust in the digital age

With more people engaging and transacting with organisations online during the pandemic, there has been a corresponding rise in fraudulent activity. In the banking industry the Office for National St...

02 Jul 2021
Sara Croft

The challenge of KYC checks for IFAs

Tony Machin, CEO of TrustID, discusses how IFAs can conveniently comply with KYC and AML requirements without the money and resources available to larger financial organisations. As an Independent F...

27 Apr 2021
Adam Desmond

Why businesses need to be tougher on data privacy to boost digital ID rollout

Many would be surprised to find that purchasing a bottle of alchohol in our local corner shop is a security risk. But how? When the seller asks to see our proof of age, it's customary to wip out a phy...

14 Apr 2021

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