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Rodrigo Zepeda

The ‘Bitcoin (Crypto) ETF’ Primer Series: PART I

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting Introduction In recent years, terms such as ‘Crypto ETF’, ‘Bitcoin ETF’, ‘Bitcoin futures ETF’, and ‘Bitcoin spot ETF’, seem to have been widely featured in

28 Jun 2022
Anna Becker

How the crypto crisis is changing trading platforms for the better

The world’s second-largest crypto trading platform FTX recently raised some eyebrows when it said its US affiliate will offer zero-commission equities trading. It is a pioneering move; although we ha...

14 Jun 2022
Chris Harmse

Saving Money And Time With Crypto-Powered Global Payments

What's behind the boom in crypto payments? When it comes to cryptocurrencies, mainstream media and commentators seem to be fixated on the value of bitcoin, whether it’s soaring - or indeed slumping as...

08 Jun 2022
Mike Castiglione

Heading into Crypto Policy Summer

Market downturns are typically times when lawmakers and regulators focus their attention on novel or opaque financial instruments. Recent turbulence in crypto markets following a period of spectacular...

07 Jun 2022
Carol Lemos

Women in Compliance: How to tackle crypto regulations, with Shelley Schachter-Cahm

Last week, I've posted here about our conversation with Stephanie Feldt, Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel at Today, I’ll share insights provided by Shelley Schachter-Cahm,...

25 May 2022
Kim Engman

Bitcoin is bad

Why not all cryptocurrencies are alike, and why you should care and (re)act Background For longer that I’d like to admit, I’ve built expertise within banking- and retail payments infrastructure. Bein...

15 May 2022
Kim Engman

So, you STILL think Bitcoin is money?

Why cryptocurrencies are not currencies or the world’s new money Background For longer that I’d like to admit, I’ve built expertise within banking- and retail payments infrastructure. Being highly cur...

15 May 2022
Alex Kreger

TERRA (LUNA) Disaster: What the financial industry can learn from CX perspective

The sudden crash of the Terra stablecoins Luna and UST ranked among the top 15 most valuable cryptocurrencies has proven to be a very painful lesson for the financial world. People need trustworthy fi...

13 May 2022
Denis Redin

Top 5 Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2022

Why crypto marketing is so important for blockchain projects in 2022? In the fast-changing world of crypto and blockchain, crypto marketing is more important than ever. With so many innovative new pro...

30 Apr 2022
Arjeh Van Oijen

The benefits of using DLT for digital currencies

Central banks across the globe are exploring and testing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to provision Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). In this blog, Arjeh van Oijen, Head of Product Managem...

12 Apr 2022

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