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Biometrics are the new weapons of war against online fraud and supporting financial services with biometric authentication and their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. ​ There are many different areas where biometrics are being deployed. For example in digital identity; an alternative to user names and passwords; protecting against ID theft; account takeovers and multiple accounts. ​ Mobile biometric authentication is helping to verify new and returning customers at the point of log-ins, payments and digital on-boarding.

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Dimi Dorgan

Five strategies to avoid the true cost of identity fraud

Customers across financial industries are increasingly using services almost entirely online. It’s a consumer shift that was gaining momentum before the pandemic, with the rise of neo-banks, but digit...

11 Apr 2022
Barley Laing

Biometrics: 2022 is the year of facial verification

Biometric technology has only been taken seriously by many in financial services since the start of the pandemic, which made the remote onboarding of customers a necessity. Biometrics is already provi...

22 Feb 2022
Yuri Kropelnytsky

Building Trust with Biometric Cards—Less Friction, More Security

How we managed payments only few years ago is now going through a big change on every level. Not only are we seeing the expansion of digital platforms, but also new products like digital wallets and b...

15 Nov 2021
Ed Ackerman

Don’t let a lost phone lose you revenue

Of the 333,000 items found on the London Transport network each year, around one in ten are mobile phones. And while we may not have all experienced losing this most treasured of items, we can empath...

04 Nov 2021
Ed Ackerman

Why COVID-19, NFTs, and the crypto-boom have accelerated the end of passwords

Passwords have long been an archaic form of access security. A recent survey showed that one in 10 people would rather get a root canal or a filling than create a unique password for every online acc...

25 May 2021
Eduardo Castro

How sophisticated security methods can help in the battle against online fraud

New official figures have revealed the extent of the threat posed by online fraudsters. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has removed more scams in the last 12-months than in the previous thre...

20 May 2021
Michael Boukadakis

Voice Biometrics Are Ready for Prime Time in Banking

Banks have been dealing with a balancing act between “fast and frictionless” and “secure and accurate” for many years, with consumers long pushing to move away from traditional, friction-based means o...

19 May 2021
Steve Cook

Biometric liveness detection for digital onboarding and authentication

Today, there is key requirement for remote digital onboarding and authentication practices, and that is biometric liveness detection. Biometrics provide a secure method for matching a person's face, v...

11 Mar 2021
Paul Hampton

The Hand of Amazon: How the financial industry must keep up

Last year Amazon announced the adoption of a game changer for payments; Amazon One, which allows shoppers to pay at stores by placing their palm over a scanning device when they walk in the door or wh...

01 Feb 2021
Steve Cook

Digital Identity - Prove you are not a fake?

In today's world of biometric authentication and digital identity, proving that someone is real is a serious challenge for online and mobile services. Deepfakes, 3D masks, and even fake photos of peop...

16 Dec 2020

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