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Maria Schuld

Video Teller Solutions Drive Branch Expansion, Service and Efficiency

Wide-spread acceptance of chat-enabled support and instructional YouTube videos combine with an acute shortage of skilled employees to open the gates for video teller offerings. And the pandemic just ...

01 Jul 2022
Christopher Colley

How finance leaders drive conversion through journeys

Despite significant investment, the financial sector still struggles to deliver consistently good experiences across the board. While some firms have made improvements in pockets, complete customer-ce...

30 Jun 2022
Paul Fermor

Opportunities to manage technical debt within financial services firms

In a previous blog article, I discussed how the judicious adoption and management of technical debt was a potential competitive differentiator and a key strategic business imperative for financial se...

29 Jun 2022
Steve Bradford

Out of office, home and away, moving up, moving on; when security goes AWOL

The financial services industry has one of the highest rates of insider data breaches, costing on average $21.25 million in the past year alone. Whether it’s an employee acting with malicious intent,...

28 Jun 2022
Justin Silsbury

SME Banking: Then, Now and Next

In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly declared 27th June as Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Day (MSME Day) recognizing the economic and social contribution of these enterprises, which...

28 Jun 2022
Peter Heywood

Developing a successful multi-cloud strategy for banks

The cost-efficiency potential of the cloud is attracting banks and financial services companies to ditch their legacy platforms and modernise their systems with cloud technologies. This would have bee...

28 Jun 2022
John Bertrand

Long Finance – The Future of UK Fraud (

The observation that “The International nature of fraud is not just on the rise, rather it is endemic” sums up the Future of Fraud in a compelling and disquieting manner. There are no simple answers....

27 Jun 2022
Andrew Beatty

Bank Branch Transformation: Finding the Right Mix

Bank branch networks continue to decline steadily. Consumer research shows that U.K. banks are cutting branches at a rate of 60 per month[1], and a similar pattern is apparent in many other countries...

23 Jun 2022
Rolf Hauge

Don’t delay: now’s the time to migrate your IT systems to a SaaS-based model

Although we’ve seen increased appetite from banks globally to accelerate the pace of digital transformation over the last two years, many players have focused solely on updating customer-facing system...

23 Jun 2022
Mounaim Cortet

The current status of Open Banking – and a glimpse into the future

INNOPAY’s Open Banking Monitor shows the efforts banks are making in expanding their API product offering (the ‘Functional scope’ axis) and in improving the experience for API consumers (the ‘Develope...

09 Jun 2022

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