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Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

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Diederick Van Thiel

REVOLUTIONIZING VENTURE CAPITAL How AI based structured investment can improve VC ROI by 45%

Vision on the future of venture capital The pandemic has exposed value chain fragility and stress-tested all sectors and industries. Innovation has become the new arms race. According to Mc Kinsey Gl...

24 May 2022
Leslie Kanthan

AI for hedge funds: How can machine learning and code optimisation generate greater alpha?

The applications of AI in the financial sector are multi-faceted. In this article, we explore some key use cases of AI for hedge funds. We also look at potential challenges in implementing AI-based so...

23 May 2022
Adam Lieberman

Fairness and freedom: The value of machine unlearning in financial services

Today, businesses rely on predictive models for a multitude of reasons. At the very least, they enable novel insights that can streamline internal processes; at the most, they are essential drivers of...

17 May 2022
Torben Sauer

How artificial intelligence helped save world trade

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to severely disrupt trade. Yet some trade finance banks had the foresight to plan for such an eventuality, utilising capabilities that overcome market-wid...

09 May 2022
Nick Boyer

Dynamic pricing: Common myths dispelled

The UK is in the midst of an inflation crisis: with rates soaring, inflation is forecast to hit 8% by April 2022 according to economists. Due to a combination of factors, including the fallout from Co...

25 Apr 2022
Diederick Van Thiel

The embedded finance transformation: Think big! Think smart! Be bold! And do it!

CEO’s: what a stretch! The C-level job is more demanding than ever before. On one hand smart decision-making is pushed by the revolutionizing digital experience needs of younger generations. In my la...

14 Apr 2022
Diederick Van Thiel


The Experience age transformation of personal finance The age of experience is deeply transforming markets and will do so even more. More than a decade ago, when I was Chief Marketing Officer at ING, ...

25 Mar 2022
Steve Morgan

Voice AI: how it can be used to reduce fraud

Voice AI has the potential to revolutionise how banks reduce fraud and speed up the resolution of fraud claims. There is agile software on the market with integrated voice AI capabilities, creating op...

15 Mar 2022
Amir Tabakovic

When tension meets technology: How banks are finally striking gold with customer data

Those who closely follow the digital trends impacting financial services will surely remember that, not so long ago, cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI) were widely touted as the technol...

14 Mar 2022
Bhavesh Parmar

Artificial Intelligence Assistant: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Having an A.I. assistant: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. "Hey, S voice, where can I get some free food nearby?" I don't know how many times I wanted to ask my phone these things. Part of...

03 Mar 2022

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