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Women in FinTech

Tackling the Gender Imbalance in the Payments Industry

18 h

Written by Sophie Flynn, CFO of Transact365. When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, the financial services sector is regularly in the spotlight. Traditionally male-dominated, progress has been made in recent years to ensure women are encouraged to pursue a career in the financial services, backed by private and public initiatives like ...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

The untapped potential of Chile, Colombia and Peru

15 Jun 2022

The rise of digital payment systems in Latin America (LATAM) is typically dominated by discussions on the region’s largest markets. Brazil and Mexico feature heavily in this discourse, a reflection of the economy’s respective sizes and untapped consumer potential. Yet this is only part of a bigger payments transformation taking place in the region...

Long reads

How do payment gateways provide a portal for unlimited scalability?

12 Apr 2022

By providing seamless payment-making between merchants and consumers, payment gateways have been some of the instigators of the boom of e-commerce for large and mid-cap companies. Gateways offer a simpler, safer, and more dependable way to make local and cross-border international payment transactions, acting as the mediator between provider and r...