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Going green

Is Banking fit for a sustainable future?

30 Dec 2019

One of my favourite events of the year is the CIO Summit organised by Johnny Spragg at CMC. I like it because it's very participative. Everyone attending gets deeply engaged in the different topics At the opening of the most recent summit, the ice breaker was an Oxford Union style debate. The topic of the day was that banks need to change to surviv...

Long reads

COP26: Why a data commons is needed to secure net zero commitments

15 Nov 2021

We don’t have time for everyone to build their own financial and non-financial data aggregation platforms in order to facilitate capital allocation. Open-source collaboration could be the answer. At COP26 in Glasgow, I was invited to be the master of ceremonies for an event hosted by Federated Hermes’ Daniel Godfrey, and delivered by OS-Climate. ...

Aligning ESG Measurements to Outcomes Has Been Notoriously Hard, Until Now

06 Oct 2020

Can Sustainable Finance help protect natural ecosystems and preserve Bio-diversity? In a previous life it seems, I travelled to Borneo with my wife. Thirty years ago, we were alone with a guide as we drifted along in a boat watching Proboscis monkeys shelter from the rain under leaves, like old men caught in the open and hiding under newspapers. W...